Key machines for sale! - PHOTO
Lcsm0715   Mehdi Zahedi, CRL - Kettering, OH - USA -
April 22, 2019 at 16:02:32   
I am helping ClearStar member Tom Sparkman sell his key machines listed below. He would like to be paid by company check please. I am not sure what name he wants on the check but I will know soon enough. I will personally guarantee that all items are in good condition and refund your full monies if not satisfied. Thank you.

ITL-950C in mint condition, outfitted with a Lazy-M attachment which would have sold for $400 separately. Comes with carbide cutter, book, and all the original spacers $2750 shipped in C/USA.

Bravo II duplicator. The red release button has partially chipped off, but it operates with no issues. the cutter is in fair condition. $900 shipped in C/USA

Pro-Lok SFIC Blue punch $700 shipped in C/USA

Famon II code machine 110V motor $700 shipped in C/USA. Includes several spacing wheels not pictured. 164119

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