Re: Bad Dog Biter® nibbler
Lcsm4582   Al Savage - Duvall, WA - USA -
April 14, 2019 at 16:34:42   
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Jack Barone - Amherst , NY - USA -
April 14, 2019 at 08:25:33

1) Buying cheap just encourages the ----- (nice work there, Jay) to make more, cheaper crap.

2) A cheap tool that lasts one job and only one job is a waste of resources and wastes my time. I buy "lifetime" tools only. I don't care if I can charge my customer for a one-use tool, I won't play.

3) If they're not proud enough to put their name on the product, why should I give them my money?

4) Copyright. 'nuf said.

5) No, I do not shop at HF, except in very special circumstances (I needed a 2.5" box wrench on a Sunday, HF was the only game in town for "right now"). See No. 1.

6) Quality tools make me a better craftsman. Cheap tools encourage sloth.

Finally, Jack, seriously, just get over it. See how that feels? It's rude, and it's what the internet has become. The phrase, "get over it" means "your opinion, no matter how stated, is worthless to me" and that attitude is disrespectful, counter to this place. 163997

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