For Sale: Ryobi Cordless Router 18v P600 - PHOTO
LCcsm0012   Norm Zurawski - Schofield, WI - USA -
April 06, 2019 at 12:49:59   
For sale, Ryobi cordless router less battery and charger. I used this for mortising latch and bolt pockets using the Portable Cable latch and strike template. I now have a Makita cordless which matches more of my stuff. I made the extra base with 5/8" guide for doing strikes I think with the Templaco templates. The bit that is in the router now is a hinge mortising bit, 5/8" bearing, 1/2" cutter and is dull as the last job I used this on was on crappy particle board type doors. That was 22 doors. That stuff does not play nice with router bits. 157834 163805

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