Re: WTB the Best bluetooth headset/earpod for iPhone calls ?
Lcsm1533   David Hallee, CPL, CAL - Waterville, ME - USA -
April 02, 2019 at 19:17:35   
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Charles (Chuck) Noe, CPL, CAL - Hilton Head Island, SC - USA -
April 01, 2019 at 19:53:06

I have had Jawbones. They plug into the ear. The connection is a bit delicate. Working under a dash can cause the piece to fall out.
I had an audiologist make a custom earpiece. It fit GREAT but the voice sensor didn't rest against my cheek so the noise cancelling was less effective.
I went to Plantronics Legend. The over the ear feels loose but I can work upside down and it hangs on. On the down side, the legend charger is magnetic coupling to the earpiece. at the end I had difficulty achieving electrical contact. The Legend has been superseded by the 5200 which I have now. It has magnetic coupling but diffferent size form the legend so I can't use my old cord. The 5200 also is charged by micro USB which I have everywhere so all is good.
Run time is at least 5 8 hour days. Same on the Legend.
Dave 163766

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