Re: WTB the Best bluetooth headset/earpod for iPhone calls ?
Lcsm0355   Tom Appel, CPL - Berkeley, CA - USA - Sponsor: A.C. Lock Service, Inc.
April 02, 2019 at 08:08:20   
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Charles (Chuck) Noe, CPL, CAL - Hilton Head Island, SC - USA -
April 01, 2019 at 19:53:06

I used to buy the best, and most expensive, I could get. For several years I used various models of the Jawbone. My ears are small and they caused me pain but, they sounded excellent. Then, one day, I was speaking to a locksmith at a vendor trade show. He had this massive contraption on his head. I asked him about it.

He said "I like this Blue Parrot over the ear headset with a boom mic. It looks funny but, it works very well."

I bought one and yes, they work very well. Then I noticed that a friend had something similar that is a bit more streamlined. I asked him about and he liked it. I bought one of those, too. Then I bought a few more to keep in all of my vehicles. They charge with a Micro USB instead of of the propriety power supply the Blue Parrot uses. I decided that if I formed the habit of leaving my headset in my vehicle(s), I would have it when I need it.

I have tried both the newer and the older models, as well as various copies. They all work well enough. The copies and the older models can be found for the very reasonable price of about fifteen to thirty dollars.

The brand my friend had is Zelher. I have bought a few of them, as well as various copies. They all seem to work fairly well. They cost a lot less than the Blue Parrot and they are more comfortable. I will say that the Blue Parrot is louder and probably sounds a bit better but, I lost or broke mine long ago.

Tom 163751

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