WTB the Best bluetooth headset/earpod for iPhone calls ?
Lcsm1996   Charles (Chuck) Noe, CPL, CAL - Hilton Head Island, SC - USA -
April 01, 2019 at 19:53:06   
I am looking for the Best bluetooth headset/ear bud for voice calls on my iPhone xr

Voice quality and background noise are Important !!
Design,Comfort,Price,Battery life, bluetooth Range are secondary but important still.

Please only comment on your Best experience: i want my phone to understand my voice accurately for voice texts, and my customers to understand me (and me to hear and understand them even with my key machines running in the background)

Your wives and voice texting are probably the Best opinions of voice quality and background sound rejection.

The best sound rejection and voice texting quality that I have used in the last few years has been the VXI Bluetooth Parrot Reveal ($20 on Amazon) but it has other issues that are negatives
I also have the VXI BlueParrot 450 but tired of the bulk and weight and inferior to the Reveal in both voice quality and background noise rejection in my opinion. Also Apple does not like the 450 so when I am talking on the headset and switch over to incoming caller Apple puts the new caller on the iPhone instead of the BlueParrot headset.

I have heard about the Bose and I-Buds being comfortable and great designs but Not being good background noise rejecting

In the past I had an LG Tone around the neck that I liked but beat it up in about 1-1.4 years. The upgrade model was not as good as the original model.

Opinions (Reviews) needed


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