Re: Master #101 w/cylinder Padlock...THUNK....Hear That?
Lcsm2550   Ray Jensen, RL - Paris, TX - USA -
March 30, 2019 at 16:54:23   
In Reply to Re: Master #101 w/cylinder Padlock...THUNK....Hear That?
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John Hubel, CML, ICML, M.Ed - Shelby Township, MI - USA -
March 30, 2019 at 16:17:29

John, I have wished many times that the association that I had belong to was as active as yours or even the one Bill Mandlebaum belongs to. I joined the Texas Locksmith Association with the idea that there would be gatherings to learn things. That was not the case. It is made up with board members that have meetings at least monthly, much like ALOA. Like ALOA, TX LSA has a show somewhere in TX once a year and offer classes. I was really disappointed, but stayed a member thinking things could get better. Joined in about 1993. Last year I did not renew, mostly because of medical reasons. Just last week I got an email to renew for 2019. I doubt it. They never knew who I was before, all they want is the $$. Its very reasonable, but that is not the point.

Continue on with your group, you got a good thing going for you. Thumbs up to you! 163705

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