Yale...Original Patents for Sale ! - PHOTO
csm0804   Igor Knezevic - Hong Kong-Shanghai, - - China -
March 22, 2019 at 07:38:40   
For the collectors out there. These are originals....German language...I have lots more and want to sell some of them. In case someone is interested, drop me a mail and we take it from there.

The other American ones I have are:

Hubbard, Mc Cabe, Ziehler, Silverman/Lane, Phelps, Miller, Myers, Dalton, Lowrie, Taylor, Gonorovsky, Jackson Calhoun, Beebe, Johnstone, Ibbott/Fernandes, Frankenberg, Kavanagh/Queen, Farrand, Hope, Wells/Lummus, Russel, Peters....and so on...they range from 1878 - 1939.

All are left overs from the time where I started to investigate certain aspects of the locksmith trade.

Regards, Igor

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