Welcome to the ClearStar On-line Auctions.  Please read the Auction Site policies below.
Auction Policies
  • The Auctions are open to full ClearStar Members only.

  • To bid on items or place items up for bid you must register first. You can register when you enter the Auction site by clicking on the "New Registration" link. When you register a password will be sent to your email address so be sure to enter your email address correctly.
  • The auction password is different than your ClearStar Membership password. You should record your auction alias and auction password in a safe place. After you register you can change your password to something easier by clicking the
    "Update Your Info." link on the Auctions page.

  • Sellers MAY NOT bid on their own items. Anyone found doing this will forfeit the privilege of participating in the ClearStar auctions.
  • There is NO fee for registering or putting items up for bid. The use of the auctions is a value-added benefit of ClearStar membership.

  • In order to keep the Auctions running and to benefit the various ClearStar Funds there IS a fee to the seller for listed items that actually sell. If an item does not sell, there is no fee and the item may be listed again. The fee for actually selling an item is 5% of the final selling price.
  • The 5% fee may be paid either by mailing a check to the address in the next paragraph or by using the ClearStar Secure Payments Processing Page. Credit Card information is encrypted via Secure Socket Layer standards.

    ClearStar Security Network
    Auction Payments
    4454 Lopez  Avenue
    Port Townsend, WA 98368

  • When an item is listed an automated email notification will be sent to the seller as a reminder of the fee when the item is sold. If the item sells another automated email notice is sent out giving the winning bid amount and the details on contacting the winner. In the email is also a reminder of the 5% fee with directions on how to remit payment.
  • If a 3rd manual email reminder about the 5% fee from Jay becomes necessary then your auction account and ClearStar Membership may be at risk. At the very least you will no longer be permitted to place items for sale in the ClearStar On-line Auctions..

  • The 5% fee will be used in a variety of ways determined at the discretion of ClearStar management. The uses include the various special ClearStar Funds and the operating expenses of ClearStar.
  • If any difficulty arises in either the winner receiving the auction item or the seller receiving payment - contact Jay IMMEDIATELY. Posting on the forums about it is in poor taste since often there is just a simple communications problem with which Jay can facilitate in clarification and resolution.

  • Thank you for using the Auctions. Hopefully this will continue to be another valuable asset for ClearStar Members - and remain self-supporting. 

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