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Penn-Ohio Locksmiths' Association Inc.
c/o Secretary - Jamie Savarin
9626 Summerville Road
Louisville, OH 44641
Phone 330-323-4212

President - Dan Billheimer, CPL, CPS, RST
Phone 419-526-3416

A brief history of the
Penn-Ohio Locksmiths' Association:

Paul Kirchbaum, a former Director of ALOA, invited the locksmiths in and around Youngstown, OH to meet with him in his shop to discuss the possibility of forming a local locksmiths association.

Through their efforts preliminary meetings were held that resulted in a meeting being held on September 24, 1964 to officially form the Association. From this meeting was laid the foundation for the locksmiths association to become known as the PENN-OHIO LOCKSMITHS ASSOCIATION, with membership extending across the border of the two states of Ohio and Pennsylvania. Paul Kirchbaum served as POLA's first president."

POLA holds meetings monthly , normally at the Ramada Inn, 4914 North Everhard Road, North Canton, OH on the second Sunday of each month at 1:00 p.m.

For membership information, the Secretary can be contacted.

Ohio Valley Chapter of ALOA

( Waiting for Mehdi Zahedi to provide updated information.)

Ohio North Coast Chapter of ALOA
Ron Betschman, CML, Chairman
#2 Horseshoe Drive
Monroeville, OH 44847
Phone 419-465-2411