Thanks to the ClearStar members listed below,
ClearStar has become a Triple Gold Sponsor of the ALOA Education Fund.

This means - that at every Training Session
held at the new ALOA Education Building -
the first 3 ClearStar members in attendance pay $0.00,
and this is a Lifetime Educational Benefit for all ClearStar Members.

If at any given session there happened to be more that 3 members in attendance, not likely but possible (let's say 4 for example) the class expenses of 1 would be evenly divided among the 4.

All classes are held at the...

ALOA Training Center
3500 Easy Street
Dallas,TX 75247

Phone: 800 - 532 - 2562 x101
Fax:      214 - 819 - 9429

ClearStar members (up to 3 members per entire session)
Class Fees Cost: $0
- yes, that's Z-E-R-O - nothing, zip, nada, nil, scratch, zilch.

ALOA Building Fund

We did it!

We aimed at Double Gold. -  We achieved Triple Gold!

I would like to thank the members listed below.
They are the ones who stepped up to the plate
and made donations of $100 or more.

Some gave more but all gave at least a hundred.

Without further ado, and in alphabetical order by last name they are...

Tom Appel, CPL - Berkeley, CA

Singh Athwal, RL - Columbia, MD

Mike Bardsley, CML, RST - Grass Valley, CA

Floyd Barlow, CRL, CJS, CPS - Effingham, IL

Bo Bosi, CML, CPS - Memphis, TN

Bill Boughman, CRL, CPS, RST, CJS - Naples, FL

Dave Brandt, CIL - Carbondale, IL

Carroll Cameron - Watsonville, CA

Breck Camp, CML - Atlanta, GA

Casey Camper, CML, CPS - Aurora, CO

Bob Cisowski, CRL - Midway, AR

Bill Cochran, CML, CPS, CAL - Hayward, WI

Stuart Cohn - Owings Mills, MD

Tom Demont, AHC, CAI, CFDI, CFL, CMIL, CML, CMST, IFDI - Finleyville, PA

Bob DeWeese, CML, CPS, CJS - Baltimore, MD

Gary Ford, CRL - Lorton, VA

Jeff Gater, CML, CPS, CMS - Wellington, FL

Lowry Gentry, RST - Philadelphia, MS

Dave Gregory - Chico, CA

Scott Hansen, CRL - Yankton, SD

John Hubel, CML - Shelby Township, MI

Ray Jensen, RL - Paris, TX

William Lewis, RL - Columbus, MS

Jay Long, CCL - Port Townsend, WA

Bill Lynk, CML, CPS, CJIL, M.Ed. - Grosse Pointe Farms, MI

Bill Mandlebaum, CML - Bowling Green, OH

Garry Maxey - Gainesville, GA

Scott Merritt - Iowa City, IA

Bob Noble, CML, CPS - Fort Gratiot, MI

Don O'Shall, CMIL, CPL, CMKS - Beverly Hills, FL

Bill Pulley, CRL - Taylorville, IL

Joe Reustle, CPS, GSAI:T - Mays Landing, NJ

Tom Ripp - Waunakee, WI

Daniel Rubino - Shelton, WA

Rocky Sims - South Hill, VA

Timothy Smith - Toms River, NJ

Eric Smith, CPL - Alexandria, VA

John Soderland, CML, CMST, CIL - Milwaukee, WI

Bob Temple, CJS, GSAI - Summerville, SC

Craig Toocheck, CRL, CJS, GSAI:T - Trafford, PA

Jef Truman, CRL - Hallowell, ME

Gilbert Wade, CPL, CPS - Marion, CT

Roger Wechter, CML, CPS - Norwalk, CT

Mehdi Zahedi, CRL - Kettering, OH

This plaque in located at ALOA headquarters,
outside the Training Center classrooms.

CSN is the Diamond Plus Donor.